03 Oct

What if the reason why we, Homo Sapiens, survived and now become the most advanced organism exists on earth was not because we were the smartest species of the Hominidae family, but because we were the most hostile of them all? There’s a possibility that we eliminated our smarter and more kind cousins to extinction.

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25 Jul

When people knows that I do not follow any religion, most of them boldly said “so, you’re an atheist?”. My answer were always the same, “no, I’m not an atheist, I’m an agnostic”. Yes, many people doesn’t really familiar with this term, so I’m gonna explain. In religious term, agnostic could simply means, a perspective that a truth value for the existence or non-existence of any deity is unknown. For example, in my case, I do not believe nor dis-believe of the existence of God. I don’t even want to ask, let alone answer the question.

Asking about the existence of God is like asking about what happen before the big bang, or what lies beyond the singularity of a black hole. For most of you who is familiar with the theory must realize how impossible it is to answer that question with scientific answer. Even thou I think that the burden of proof is on the believer, I will never demand it from any of them. I learned from experience, I do not want to get caught between a rock and a hard place. We should just respect each others perspective and live each others life peacefully.


Agama Pemrograman

06 Mar

Saya paling ga suka saat ada orang yang terlalu fanatik sama bahasa pemrograman tertentuMereka hanya menguasai satu bahasa pemrograman aja (atau dua lah), dan karena itu mereka jadi fanatik, mereka pikir bahasa pemrograman mereka paling bagus, paling keren bla bla bla. Banyak banget saya kenal orang yang Maniak sama Rails, Java, PERL atau PHP. Dan yang paling menyebalkan tuh, disaat mereka mau bikin aplikasi apapun, mereka suka maksain pake bahasa pemrograman mereka itu, dan ga mau pake yang lain. Udah kayak agama aja.

Padahal menurut saya, harusnya kalo kita bikin aplikasi, disesuaikan, kebutuhannya apa, key point yang harus dicapai apa, dan aplikasi-nya mau jalan di platform apa dan lain sebagainya. Kalo untuk aplikasi pribadi sih saya ga begitu peduli, tapi kalau untuk aplikasi enterprise, harusnya kita pilih-pilih, alasan bodoh kalau kita nentuin bahasa pemrograman duluan, sebelum tau requirements aplikasinya apa. Menurut saya harusnya pelajari dulu requirements aplikasinya seperti apa, baru kita pilih bahasa pemrograman apa yang cocok untuk mencapai itu semua.

Saya sendiri ga pernah fanatik sama bahasa tertentu, karena saya tau tiap bahasa pemrograman tuh ada kelebihan kekurangannya. Misalnya ini halaman depan dibikin pake rails, ya emang saya suka sama rails, ringan, tampilannya smooth, dan (pendapat pribadi) masa kini banget. Tapi lihat Aplikasi web-nya Dilacak Webapp dibikin pake PHP, dulu Rails belum se-hits sekarang, masih banyak bug, ga mungkin saya bikin aplikasi komersil pake bahasa yang belum mature. Untuk backend engine nya sendiri saya bikin pake PERL, engine untuk nerima data lewat TCP socket dari ratusan unit GPS tracker yang ngirim data setiap 10 detik sekali, pertimbangannya, PERL kuat banget dikasi load yang tinggi, resource-nya kecil, dan enak dipake multi-threading. Ada satu project saya yang lain, project iseng-iseng Smudachi, saya bikin pake Java.

Coba kalo saya orang yang fanatik sama satu bahasa pemrograman, saya bikin semua pake RAILS misalnya, atau pake PHP semua, atau pake PERL semua, kalo seperti itu gimana? bisa kan?. Jawabannya bisa, pasti bisa. Bikin aplikasi backend pake RAILS atau bikin website pake PERL itu sama kayak ngebuka baut pake gunting, bisa, tapi ga efektif. Jadi menurut saya (lagi) kalo mau bikin aplikasi tuh liat dulu kebutuhannya apa, apa yang harus diutamakan, misalnya security kah? atau availability? atau scalability? atau performance? Pilih bahasa pemrograman yang cocok, jangan asal pake apa yang kita bisa aja, karena hasilnya akan konyol, atau lebih parah lagi kita akan dibilang idiot karena ke-fanatikan kita.


The Life Of System Engineer

19 Jul

I’ve been working as a system (and network) engineer for almost 10 years now. One thing I realized about being a system engineer is that most people won’t acknowledge our works. That is because, unlike other IT profession such as, let say, programmer or designer which their work results are visible, programmer create applications, we can use it, we can see it, we can feel it. Designer is even more, we could see their design work easily, how pretty a website looks like, how awesome their User Interface is etc.

While system (and network) engineer is hardly able to “show off” their work result. Most people don’t care what’s running inside a server, as long as it’s running smoothly. They also don’t care how complex our network architecture is, as long as they are able to connect to the internet. All of those hard effort we done to build and maintain everything will most likely being taken for granted. Maybe that’s why there is a “system administrator appreciation day” which celebrated every fourth friday of July. The day to remind people about how big is our contribution to keep the company running, to keep the Internet running.

Our work result is like the so called “Dark Matter”, nobody can see it, but it is believed that more than 50% of the entire universe is filled with Dark Matter. System Engineer works is like a glue which keep things together, nobody notice it, until one of the part fell off. Those applications programmers wrote, those UI design the designers made, it will be useless if the system is broken, if hardware is failing.

When the system went down, or when the hardware is failing, who’s gonna fix them? Nobody will, except us system engineer. I’ve experienced a two days work without sleeping fixing a toasted server on Eid-Mubarak holidays. 24 hours of works non-stop to recover a cloud computing disaster when there’s a huge electrical storm at the east coast of America. But again, most people don’t care, many of them did not even notice!

The only time when our work will be acknowledge is probably the time when we leave, they will not acknowledge us immediately, but will most likely when the system is in disaster, they will then realize how important is a system engineer role is. But at that time, they will probably hate us for leaving (the harsh word is abandoning).

So, if any of you are considering to be a system engineer, my advice is, don’t. Just pick another profession and get a life. For anyone who insist, well, I warned you, you will have no life, but you will always have our appreciation, even from us your fellow system engineer and at least once a year every fourth friday of July.



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Everybody Lies

14 May

Yes, just like Doctor Gregory House always said. If you think that this statement is somewhat provoking and belittle the faith in humanity, it’s your choice but how naive can you be?

Today I asked one of my workmate who I know for sure has been using the main office network to access websites which are not related to work, well I admit the firewall is not secure enough, but do I have to build a pentagon level firewall just to secure an office with 20 employees? Guys please, we all know our bandwidth is limited, also, don’t we have a spare connection for all those things? I don’t care if you chat, hang out on facebook or even browse for porn websites all day as long as you use the spare connection. Don’t disrupt the main connection, many people use it to work for damn sake.

Well, anyway, I after I found out I asked the guy. “Hey, have you been using the main internet connection for non-work activity?” he confidently replied “No”, well, I know the truth from the server log so I’m more confident and said “really?”. Just after I asked him the second time he admitted it.

At first, I thought, oh, okay.. but few minutes later I realize, it is intriguing, to see how religious people like him lied, how religious he is? I’ll say, very religious, he will rush whenever pray time, always go to the mosque on friday, and always speak based on his religion belief.

I was wondering about the reason, why would he lied like that, even if he told me the truth at the first place, there is no consequence. So I was thinking, this guy lied just to get away from this tiny mistake, if he dare to lie just to cover a mistake with no consequence, he will surely lie to get away from bigger mistakes to avoid punishment don’t you think?

You are not worthy to be called religious until your faith has been tested and passed. And looking at today’s experience, buddy, your faith has failed on one menial test.

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Speed of Light

26 Sep

I was reading a science material about a group of CERN scientists who found that when they were doing some experiment in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), they found some neutrinos which broke the speed of light. I said, “wow, if this is true, it’s gonna be big”. Then, one of my friend in a forum said, “well, that’s not a new story, Cherenkov Radiation was said to be caused by particles which moves faster than light”. I’m not sure if he really understand about what he said, but I don’t want to argue with him at that moment.

Here’s the thing, When those scientist found out that some neutrinos were moving zero point hundredth of thousands nano-second faster than light, they were inside the LHC, which means, they are moving in a vacuum. That’s what makes it different from the Cherenkov Radiation phenomena where the particles are moving in the water. A common misunderstanding among people is, they think light is moving at the same speed everywhere, but the truth is, it’s not.

You all must be familiar with Einstein’s equation E=Mc². The speed of light represented with “c” in that equation is the speed of light in a vacuum, which is approximately 299.292 Kilometers per second, this is the so-called, the ultimate speed, and nothing can exceed this speed. If light is moving in a medium, hence not in a vacuum, for example water, the speed of light moving in the water is slower (less than c) around 225.056 Kilometers per seconds, that’s what happened with Cherenkov radiation in a nuclear reactor, the particles are moving faster than “light in the water”, but it still moving under the speed of light in a vacuum.

Other example for a medium is glass, a real world material nearest to pure glass is, as far as I know, the glass in fiber optic cable, light would travel 90 kilometers per second slower than “c”, it’s around 299.202 Kilometers per second. So yeah, so far, I never heard anything surpasses the speed of light. So when I heard the news from CERN, it’s fascinating, it’s a long shot, but the beauty about science is it can be falsified, so if there’s really something which could move faster than light, it would be a huge breakthrough. Although, so far it is mathematically impossible.

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Add custom SMTP Port on Zimbra

05 Aug

Some of our clients are restricted to connect to port 25 TCP by their ISP. So to give them access to our Zimbra server for sending emails, I opened another SMTP port listener (on port 587 TCP). For that, here’s the thing you will need to do.

Edit inside /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/, you will see config line like below

smtp      inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd

Under that line, add the following config.

587      inet  n       -       n       -       -       smtpd

Done, now you can setup your mail client to use your Zimbra server with that custom 587 port instead of the standard 25. The standard 25 port will still be accessible, so technically you can use either.


Integrate Zimbra With Amazon SES

04 Aug

I’ve been working to integrate Zimbra with Amazon SES since the last two weeks. I finally finished that task today (yay!). Maybe some of you having the need to do the same thing, so I will try to write down what I had done to accomplished this. Just for notice, this might not the best practice, but it’s been tested to work.

Before you started, you will need to prepare Amazon SES API which you can download it here. In this example, I extracted the package and put it in /opt/SES. You will also need to install required PERL modules to be able to use it, so first make sure the script works by sending test email manually using the Amazon SES script.

After the SES script is ready, there are few configurations in Zimbra we need to change, and inside /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/ and localconfig.xml inside /opt/zimbra/conf/.

First, Add this line of codes at the end of the file.

aws-email unix - n n - - pipe
    flags=R user=hana argv=/opt/ses/ -r -k /opt/ses/aws-credentials.txt -e -f ${sender} ${recipient}

Please notice the empty space at the beginning of the second line. You need to have that space or you will get a config error on restart. You can just copy paste those two lines to be safe.

Secondly, edit and add this line at the end.

sender_dependent_default_transport_maps = regexp:/opt/zimbra/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp

Now you will need to edit localconfig.xml, so you won’t loose above option added to when Zimbra restarted. Add these codes to localconfig.xml.


Now, the last thing you need to do is create the file /opt/zimbra/conf/sdd_transport_maps.regexp. As you should know, SES only accept emails from registered sender. So you need to register all of email addresses you planned to send via SES. Now we would like every sender which are registered to SES to send via SES, and the rest is send via normal SMTP sending. To be able to do so, Zimbra need to know, which addresses are suppose to be routed to SES and which aren’t. So we are gonna list all the registered addresses here inside this file (sdd_transport_maps.regexp).

The format of the file is like example below

/^hana@evilangelist\.com$/ aws-email:
/^admin@evilangelist\.com$/ aws-email:

The first part of the line is the registered email address written in regular expression, and the second part of the line is the route it suppose to be send to, in this example, “aws-email” route which we configured inside

Okay, now you’re all set. Restart Zimbra and try sending email from the registered SES address. Zimbra will invoke the SES script to send it through Amazon SES. While the rest of the addresses which are not registered will be send via normal SMTP sending.

Note : Tested with Zimbra 7.1.1 RHEL5 64bit version running on 64 bit CentOS 5.6


Wrist Injury and My Old Guitar

27 Jul

Was trying to play with my old guitar after a while, and I just realized that my wrist injury on my left hand is more severe than I thought. It was okay to play some basic chords, but when I was trying to get into an advanced chords or playing a complex notes, the pain was killing me.

Yes, I did went to the hospital to check, the doctor said it’s okay. But until now, the pain just won’t go away, it hurts every time I use my left arm to lift a (not so) heavy object, or even when I use it to push the door. Sometimes I needed to take a painkiller just to be able to do normal stuff and suppress the pain.

Well, I probably need to go to the hospital to check. Let just hope I won’t have to deal with those stupid doctors who often misdiagnose and turn out to be unhelpful.



27 Jul

Suatu hari, salah satu teman saya di kantor, melontarkan kritikan pada saya karena saya men-download software dan film dari internet (for the record, saya tidak merasa bangga dengan hal ini). Dia bilang seperti ini “download itu kan pembajakan, kasian orang-orang yang udah cape-cape bikin software dan bikin film”. Saya langsung merasa bersalah, memang, saya tau efek buruk dari pembajakan, bukan berarti saya orang yang sangat mendukung freeware dan open-source bisa seenaknya membajak hasil karya orang lain, ya saya akui itu.

Tapi, kemudian saya tanya balik ke dia, “itu semua lagu-lagu yang ada di notebook dan iPod elu semua original? beli langsung dari iTunes store atau DVD aslinya?” ya, dia mungkin sadar maksud saya dan dengan sedikit malu-malu melemparkan justifikasi seperti ini “ngga beli, download juga dari internet, tapi kalo lagu kan murah, ga begitu mahal seperti film atau software” (aha! ternyata bukan hanya saya pembajak disini).

Mendengar justifikasi seperti itu saya lalu bilang “ya, lagu emang lebih murah dari film atau software. Itu ngejadiin elu maling ayam, dan gw Gayus Tambunan. Gw mencuri (membajak) lebih banyak dari yang elu curi, tapi kita sama-sama pencuri”.

Inti dari cerita ini, apa yang ingin saya sampaikan adalah, pembajakan itu buruk, kita harus bisa memulai untuk menghentikan kegiatan biadab ini, mulai dari diri sendiri (ya! mulai dari diri sendiri!). Saya sering di-kritik masalah pembajakan oleh orang-orang yang suka membajak juga, saya hanya ingin bilang “listen, dummy, I don’t want to hear that from you. Like the wise man once said, Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”.

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Finally Google+

01 Jul

Just got my Google+ account activated today, my first impression? “This is gonna be cool”. Looks like Google is taking this social media war seriously. Yep, I’m not one of the Google fanatics, but for me (or everyone as geek as me), Google+ is definitely exciting.

Yes, I do have a Facebook account. Is Google+ better than Facebook? that is hell of a question, to measure quality, first you will need to convert the value into numbers. This values could be anything, for example, what do you want to compare? technology? UI design? popularity? or what?.

So, if you are trying or even worse “stating” that Facebook is better than Google+ or vice versa, you’ll have to write hell of a thick book to compare every aspect and sum them all into conclusion. I’ve been an IT system engineer (and consultant) for almost 9 years and I still don’t think I could do that.

So anyone who said Facebook is better than Google+ is either a genius IT guru or a fanatic idiot who thinks Justin Bieber is a prophet. Well honestly, I bet the later fits more.


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Snow Leopard : Disable Spotlight Completely

09 Mar

Few of my friends are whining about how slow their Mac runs. It doesn’t matter how powerful your CPU, or how many RAM you got, Snow leopard tend to get slower and slower. I’ve done few researches and found out that, spotlight and MD’s are the things to blame. Yes, that’s why regardless your CPU and RAM my Mac is getting slower, it is because the bottleneck is in the disk! Spotlight and MD’s are abusing my disk IO. When the disk is very busy, the overall system will get slow, especially when spotlight is indexing.

I have decided to turn off spotlight and MD’s completely, mostly because spotlight is useless to me. I never use it so I don’t mind to loose it. Here’s what I did to disable spotlight and MD’s completely (including removing the spotlight icon on the top-right corner).

Turn off MDUtil

sudo mdutil -a -i off

Stop Spotlight

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Change the permission so spotlight won’t start at startup.

sudo chmod 600 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search

Restart UI Server to remove spotlight icon

sudo killall SystemUIServer

Caution : This tutorial modify some system files. Use at your own risk happy

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Hollow Earth Theory

24 Feb

Hollow Earth. Teori yang berpendapat bahwa bumi kita memiliki ruang kosong didalamnya. Teori ini menjelaskan bahwa permukaan bumi hanya setebal 15 Mil saja, lalu terdapat ruang kosong yang kurang lebih 12000 Mil lebarnya hingga inti bumi yang berbentuk sama seperti matahari. Teori ini secara aktual tidak bisa dibuktikan benar, tapi juga tidak bisa dibuktikan salah karena belum pernah ada orang yang menggali lubang sedalam 15 Mil, seperti yang kita tau, pengeboran terdalam yang pernah dilakukan adalah Kola Drilling Project yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah Uni Soviet, yaitu sedalam 6.7 Mil.

Teori ini berpendapat bahwa pusat gravitasi bukan berada di inti bumi, tapi di tengah lapisan bumi (yang tadi saya bilang selebar 15 Mil). Teori ini menginspirasi banyak cerita rakyat dan fiksi mengenai dunia di dalam bumi kita. Sebuah dunia lain dengan inti bumi sebagai matahari, dengan laut, pulau dan kebudayaan yang dihuni oleh mahluk dan tumbuhan raksasa karena dengan atmosfir di dalam bumi dapat membuat mahluk hidup berumur lebih panjang (saya kurang jelas soal teori pendukung hal ini). Mungkin ini pula yang menginspirasi Jules Verne ketika menulis buku “Journey To The Center of The Earth”.

Walau tidak bisa dibuktikan teori ini salah, tapi pada akhir abad 18, teori ini mulai ditinggalkan (apalagi setelah Albert Einstein mempublikasikan General Theory of Relativity pada tahun 1919 yang dibuktikan oleh Arthur Eddington). Dunia sains mulai menilai bahwa teori Hollow Earth tidak relevan. Tapi, bahkan hingga saat ini, dengan pesatnya kemajuan teknologi masih ada sedikit orang yang percaya dan menjadi pengikut teori Hollow Earth. Kadang dikait-kaitkan dengan penampakan UFO dan fiksi ilmiah lainnya.

Tidak bisa dipungkiri memang jika teori ini cukup menarik dan memancing imajinasi banyak orang untuk menulis buku dan cerita fiksi ilmiah. Walau saat ini, lebih banyak orang yang tertawa mendengarnya, dan menganggapnya sebagai teori yang tidak masuk akal.