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CentOS: Install X-Window dan Gnome

15 Jul

Cara paling gampang untuk install X-Window dan Gnome desktop environment di CentOS adalah menggunakan yum package manager, tinggal jalanin satu perintah seperti ini :

# yum groupinstall "X Window System" "GNOME Desktop Environment"

Perhatikan huruf besar dan huruf kecil karena yum terkenal “picky” (case sensitive).


Removing FreeBSD Boot Manager

30 Jun

My friend accidentally installed FreeBSD boot manager during installation. Only after the installation was finished he realized that he don’t need it. He sent me a message asking a way to remove it. Actually it’s very simple, you can do that by issuing these commands below.

Using fdisk (change ad0 to your hard drive name)

# fdisk -B -b /boot/mbr ad0

or you can use boot0cfg

# boot0cfg -B -b /boot/mbr ad0

One of them might work while the other is not, depends on your FreeBSD version.