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Menculik Miyabi

30 Sep

Since I was born until now, there are only a few Indonesian movies which I considered as a good movie. Movies like “Laskar Pelangi”, “Daun diatas bantal” and the newest one “Meraih mimpi” are among them, they might lack of technology, even “Meraih mimpi” which many people said the first animation movie created by Indonesia was still not as good as for example “Ice Age”. But apart from that, the story itself is good.

Compared to other Indonesian movies, those movies are good. But shame, I feel like many Indonesian producer is still thinking and only think about “how much money they could get”. And for the result, I can see many many many pervert movies released!. Either it is a “pervert comedy” or “pervert horror” or “pure pervert”, looks like they can’t think of other material for their movies except sex.

Now, the newest movie would be “Menculik Miyabi” the producer, Raditya Dika (Never heard of him before) said this movie is pure comedy, and for his movie, he take Maria Ozawa also known as Miyabi for one of the starring (beside himself of course). What will people think about that? what will you think? I have just read the synopsis and do you know how I feel? “my goodness, I really feel shame to be Indonesian, God why did you forsaken me to be an Indonesian!”.

Alright, you all pervert producer, just keep releasing all of your pervert movies you bastard. Make the whole world see and say “Aah, Indonesia, a country full of perverts!” while rolling on the floor laughing.



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Huawei E220 driver for 64-Bit Snow Leopard

29 Sep

Since I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard, I was tempted to use the 64-bit mode. But I was having a problem with my Huawei E220 HSDPA modem, it was not detected. Since then, I was regularly search the driver for it to work and finally, here it is. I found it on a forum thread where people were also having the same problem as I do. Thanks to to them, and thanks to Google who helped me to find them happy

Now, to make it work, you just need to download these 2 files. First, Mobile Partner Software which can be found here and the driver itself which you can download it from here. Install both of them, and tadaa! you’re done, you don’t even have to restart.


Akhirnya… Snow Leopard!

14 Sep

Setelah nunggu seminggu lebih karena Snow Leopard di iStore-nya indent, akhirnya dateng juga!
Langsung upgrade, sekalian ngebersihin sampah-sampah yg mulai numpuk di laptop ini (kasian selalu dipake kerja keras). Ternyata banyak aplikasi yg harus diinstall ulang (walaupun seharusnya ini upgrade, bukan clean install) kayak XCode, MySQL ama Server Admin Tools harus diinstall ulang. Selain itu ada beberapa aplikasi yg kelihatannya jadi mulai ngaco, mungkin karena ngga (belum) compatible ama Snow Leopard, kayak Quicksilver dan iStat.

Setiap kali upgrade OS, emang selalu harus jadi (sedikit) kerja keras. Dulu pun sama waktu upgrade dari Tiger ke Leopard, banyak kasus ama aplikasi, ngga compatible lah, ngga di support lah, “buggy” lah. Tapi, yah, worthed emang, Snow Leopard bener-bener ngga mengecewakan, performance bagus, pemakaian space hard disk jadi berkurang (dari sisi OS-nya ya, kalo MP3 mah tetep, disk space killer). Banyak feature-feature baru yang keren juga, kayak Dock, Spotlight ama Expose yang lumayan banyak “improvement”-nya. Finder juga sebetulnya di re-write ama mereka, respon jadi lebih bagus, dan lebih stabil, tapi dari sisi tampilan emang ga beda ama Finder versi sebelumnya.



09-09-09 09:09:09

09 Sep

Many people think today is a big day. Year 09 month 09 date 09 hour 09 minute 09 second 09.
I can see those numbers are eye-catching, but then what? Yeah, it’s the same day with any other day,



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Convert GPS decimal to GMap coordinate

06 Sep
sub convertNMEA {
        local($lats,$lat_hem,$longs,$long_hem) = @_;

        $latitude = 0;
        $longitude = 0;

        # count latitude
        @lat_data = split(/\./, $lats);
        $lat_count = length($lat_data[0]) - 2;
        $lat_min = substr($lat_data[0], $lat_count, 2);
        $lat_deg = substr($lat_data[0], 0, $lat_count);
        $lat_mins = "$lat_min\.$lat_data[1]";

        $latitude_minutes = ($lat_mins / 60);
        $latitude = $lat_deg + $latitude_minutes;

        # count longitude
        @long_data = split(/\./, $longs);
        $long_count = length($long_data[0]) - 2;
        $long_min = substr($long_data[0], $long_count, 2);
        $long_deg = substr($long_data[0], 0, $long_count);
        $long_mins = "$long_min\.$long_data[1]";

        $longitude_minutes = ($long_mins / 60);
        $longitude = $long_deg + $longitude_minutes;

        # find hemisphere
        if ($lat_hem eq "S") {
                $latitude = '-' . $latitude;

        if ($long_hem eq "W") {
                $longitude = '-' . $longitude;

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Achmed The Dead Terrorist

03 Sep

One of my favorite Jeff Dunham’s puppet show.



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Writing my own NMS (Network Monitoring System)

02 Sep

Since almost 5 years ago, I’ve made my own monitoring tools. Yes, I wrote it from scratch using PERL. You may or may not be wondering about “why bother making your own NMS when you could use an open source NMS like Nagios, JFFNMS or OpenNMS?”. Well, one simple answer for that question is “I need a NMS features which they doesn’t provides”.

First, I need  a dependency feature between hosts and services, which should be implemented on availability check and also, to automatically generate my network map for me.  I’ve been using Nagios before I made my own NMS, and I was always annoyed everytime for example, one of my switch is down, it send me a failure reports not only for that switch, but also for all hosts and services which depends on it. Second, I need a custom reporting display AND reporting system. I don’t want to get a same failure report again and again before it get fixed. Just send me once and remind me if the problem has not being fixed every 6 or 12 hours  would be convenient. Third, my networks is not a network which suppose to be online for 24/7. So I want to have a schedule for every hosts and services. NMS should not check hosts or services which are not in their uptime schedule.

The last and most important reason is, I love doing it. It feels like I have a full control over my own system. I could check every aspects on my network and system using my own method and my own style. I could freely customized my own reporting system, I could send the alert notification using any method I want, send an SMS through Kannel, send an e-mail, display Growl or Windows alert, Post it to Twitter, or post it as my Facebook status!. So generally, I can do anything without limitation, or at least the only limit is my own imagination happy