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27 May

Someday, I will blow your fucking head off and smile.

– decapitation



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VirtualBox 3.2 Has Been Released

19 May

It still don’t have a feature to run guest OS from BootCamp partition like VMWare Fusion, but what makes it better than VMWare is it support for creating virtual machines running Mac OS X (Apple hardware only). I know it’s a little awkward, why do we want to have Mac OS X virtual machine inside our Mac OS X? But, never mind… I’m sure it can be handy somehow, someday happy

If you need a free alternative for VMWare or Parallel Desktop, VirtualBox is a great option. You can download it here.



Interaction Caution

03 May

When I say that I have a BPD, I don’t expect people to understand, I don’t expect them to care. But I do expect them to be aware and be more careful when they are interacting with me. Because I’m not people-friendly, and I might ended up ripping their body like I did to my own. If they do something funny which provoke my evil personality.

Update : Just found out, an article say that it’s a kind of non-delusional paranoia


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