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11th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

30 Jul

Happy System Administrator Day everyone. Today is the 11th Anniversary, and I’ve been a System Administrator for almost 9 years! I’m very proud to be a system administrator, an IT engineer. In my entire system administrator career, I have laid hundreds of kilometers of cables, connected hundreds of broadband access points, connecting millions of users using dial-up connection, DSL cable, satellite, fiber optic cable and broadband wireless connection and provided e-mail services, web services and other services to millions of users.

When the server, router or any other problem occurred at night. I’m the one who get called. I got less sleep since the first day I became a system administrator, that is indeed disrupting my mental stability, worsening my BPD. But, I like it. It’s a big self satisfaction to get on an important role in this age of technology.

So, happy anniversary to all system administrators in the world! You can check this following link for more information on this event!



28 Jul

Recently I’ve been thinking and analyzing why I often forget something, which sometimes can be a very important thing. I always believe that my brain doesn’t easily forget anything once it has been processed. Now, this is not a scientific excuse, this is only what I’ve realized. I do not forget anything (mostly) but I’m having a difficulty to distinguish imagination from reality. With so many ideas, knowledges, fantasies and dreams inside my brain, now it’s hard for me to decide, to remember which one I really experienced and which one is not.

Knowing how my brain works, I suspect there’s a little failure in my brain everytime It tried to recall whatever happened in the past. Like it is confusedly building a memory blocks with the mixture of real experiences and imaginations. A simple example of the result would be like when I cannot remember what I said to someone in the past, because my brain failed to build a correct memory block and instead, it giving me a corrupted block which say, as example, the one who said that was someone else, but I was also there to listened or it was something written in a book which I also read.

In a worse scenario, I sometimes forgot something I have done. By confusing it with my imaginations, my ideas or even my dreams. Now, I hope this is just because a stress or because I’m too exhausted. For someone like me, short memory loss or failure in building memory block is so uncool.



26 Jul

One can never be able to endure everything by oneself. Like someone was once told me, “you don’t have to be strong all the time”. Make sense but yet, not quite relieving. Human was born alone, solely trying to find a way through one’s life which mostly, hostile. Human’s life was never easy, their life is hard while they are not. But they don’t have any other chance do they? endure it, or give up.

Other people will most likely put themselves first. So counting on others, does not count! Human is not a pack animal like hounds, even thou when we see a figure resembling an Alpha Male, we only think we see it. No, we’re a solitary animals. Even the most communist person will think about themselves first, only the law, the rules which force them not to express it.

Even Ubermensch will need other people, even if it merely as a tool to escalate human’s civilization onto the next level. I’m start babbling am I. I knew my brain rapidly change it’s focus everytime I try to focus on one thing. Well, I can’t be smart all the time can I? happy

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Human Nature (Yet Still)

23 Jul

I thought human have changed. I was expecting a revolutionary improvement in human civilization, in the way they interact each other, the way they understand each other. I was too naive to believe human has evolved into a higher state of being. I had faith, just to realize that my has idealism blinded me from seeing their true nature, they haven’t changed even for a little.

The world is moving toward the age of nano technology, with every outstanding technologies human possesses, when the blank part of the universe being filled, when they are struggling to see the edge of the universe, most of them still acting like when Jesus killed on his cross, like when Hitler salvaged the christians, like when the americans burnt the negroes. Just like always, human always put themselves first, even when it means destroying other human.

People will do everything to satisfy their needs, even when they loudly and proudly say they are humanist who will never take benefit from others. The biggest stupidity, when they are destroying other people without realizing it, unintentionally. For me seeing this, it makes me to be more difficult to accept God’s existence, when some particular people are still walking on this earth instead of being obliterated by the bolt of lightning.

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Masalah Pada Bensin Premium

23 Jul

Sejak beberapa minggu terakhir mulai sekitar awal bulan July 2010 banyak mobil yang mogok di jalan raya, dan semuanya mengalami masalah yang sama, kerusakan fuel pump (pompa bensin). Entah kebetulan atau tidak, satu-satunya persamaan diantara mereka adalah semuanya menggunakan bensin premium. Banyak pihak curiga kualitas bensin premium yang buruk menyebabkan kerusakan fuel pump ini.

Pertamina sendiri selaku distributor bensin premium menyatakan bahwa bensin premium sudah standar dengan RON 88 (Road Octane Number) dan mereka dengan yakin kualitas bensin premium tidak berubah. Satu hal yang perlu diperhatikan, Pertamina selalu mengelak dengan mengatakan bensin premium “sudah standar dengan RON 88”. Padahal kerusakan fuel pump tidak disebabkan oleh hal yang berhubungan dengan RON (octane) bahan bakar. Kerusakan fuel pump lebih dikarenakan bensin yang kotor, bukan karena tingkat octane yang rendah.

Bahan bakar yang kotor akan mengakibatkan fuel pump bekerja keras untuk memompa bahan bakar kedalam ruang pembakaran (combustion chamber) karena kotoran yang terkandung dalam bahan bakar akan menyumbat proses pemompaan itu sendiri. jika hal ini dibiarkan, fuel pump akan macet, dan mesin mati total. Kemungkinan hal ini terjadi lebih besar jika kondisi bahan bakar di dalam tanki hampir habis, karena kotoran banyak mengendap di dasar tanki, sehingga volume kotoran yang terhisap oleh fuel pump lebih banyak.

Hal ini membuat khawatir banyak pengguna kendaraan, terutama mobil karena fuel pump mobil lebih rentan terhadap bensin yang kotor daripada motor. Entah apa yang sebenarnya terjadi, apakah karena pemerintah ingin mengurangi penggunaan bensin bersubsidi sehingga pertamina menurunkan kualitas bensin premium, atau Tuhan sedang bad mood sehingga dia membuat ribuan mobil mogok di Jakarta. Tapi yang jelas, sebaiknya pengendara mobil lebih berhati-hati menggunakan bensin, saya sendiri lebih memilih untuk menghindari penggunaan premium, bahkan bensin produksi pertamina dan beralih menggunakan bensin produksi Shell atau Petronas.


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Changing VMWare VM Mac Address

22 Jul

The ability to change VMWare virtual machine’s Mac address can be helpful sometimes, especially when we want to manually assign it. Here’s the trick.

First, remove these following lines below from your virtual machine configuration file.


Then, insert this single line below

ethernet[n].address = 00:50:56:XX:YY:ZZ

You should change example mac address above to any mac address you want, as long as it is a valid hexadecimal format.


Reset Mac Back To Setup Assistant

21 Jul

When we want to sell or give our Mac to someone else, it will be helpful if we can just reset the OSX back to setup assistant. So it will go back to the state like the first time we bought it. Here’s the trick.

Enter single user mode, then mount root partition with write access.

$ mount -uw /
$ rm -rf /Library/Preferences
$ rm -rf /Users/username (change username to your existing users)

This is the new one, for leopard and snow leopard

$ rm /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/username.plist
$ rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

You’re done, reboot your machine and see it will startup to the Setup Assistant. Fresh as new happy

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Merubah Database Template PostgreSQL

20 Jul

Jika database template pada PostgreSQL menggunakan SQL_ASCII, saat kita ingin membuat database baru dengan jenis encoding yang lain akan muncul error “new encoding incompatible with the encoding of the template database (SQL_ASCII).”. Untuk memperbaiki masalah ini, kita harus merubah encoding database template itu sendiri menjadi, misalnya UTF8 (Unicode). Encoding SQL_ASCII ini menurut saya tidak berguna karena menurut saya, encoding SQL_ASCII artinya “tidak peduli dengan jenis data dan encoding apapun”.

Cara untuk merubah default encoding, berikut perintah SQL yang harus dijalankan.

Enable connection pada database template0.

postgres=# UPDATE pg_database SET datallowconn = TRUE WHERE datname ='template0';

Masuk ke database template0

postgres=# \c template0;

Ubah column “datistemplate” pada template1 agar kita bisa menghapusnya.

postgres=# UPDATE pg_database SET datistemplate = FALSE WHERE datname = 'template1';

Hapus database template1

postgres=# DROP DATABASE template1;

Buat database template1 yang baru dengan encoding Unicode (UTF8).

postgres=# create database template1 with template = template0 encoding = 'UTF8';

Set database baru tersebut sebagai database template.

postgres=# UPDATE pg_database SET datistemplate = TRUE WHERE datname = 'template1';

Masuk ke database template1

postgres=# \c template1

Disable koneksi ke template0

postgres=# UPDATE pg_database SET datallowconn = FALSE WHERE datname = 'template0';

Setelah semua selesai, sekarang kita bisa membuat database baru dengan jenis encoding apapun yang kita inginkan happy



CentOS: Install X-Window dan Gnome

15 Jul

Cara paling gampang untuk install X-Window dan Gnome desktop environment di CentOS adalah menggunakan yum package manager, tinggal jalanin satu perintah seperti ini :

# yum groupinstall "X Window System" "GNOME Desktop Environment"

Perhatikan huruf besar dan huruf kecil karena yum terkenal “picky” (case sensitive).


Definisi Horsepower

14 Jul

Horsepower atau HP adalah bentuk definisi umum yang setara antara 735.5 sampai 750 Watts. Horsepower awalnya didefinisikan untuk membandingkan kekuatan mesin uap dengan kuda pony oleh Jamess Watt, sang penemu mesin uap tentu saja. Di jaman modern ini Horsepower kemudian diadopsi untuk mengukur kekuatan piston kendaraan bermotor, turbin, motor elektrik dan berbagai mesin lainnya, misalnya gergaji mesin big grin

Kini horsepower banyak dihubungkan dengan kekuatan mesin, misal mesin mobil. Untuk hal ini horsepower yang digunakan adalah ukuran horsepower untuk mekanik yaitu 33.000 feet-pounds/minute (yang disebut diatas setara antara 735 sampai 750 Watts adalah ukuran horsepower elektrik).




07 Jul
Something I read, something I saw, something I heard, triggered it.
I feel very angry, I feel very sad, I feel useless, I feel hopeless, I feel depressed, I feel frustrated.
I want to kill someone, I want to kill everyone, I want to be killed myself.
Stay calm, it’s only in our head.
Think like a whelp, think like a whelp.
Where’s that god damn cutter when I need it!

Smudachi End of Life

01 Jul is dead, I was only made that to learn Java then some people joined and now I got bored. The website is not a good one, the traffic is low and was not giving so much response for a social work. I might redesign and make a new one but I’m not sure when, maybe when I have enough spare time.

Well, very sorry for all of you who have joined and now you won’t be able to access it again. Just to let you know, that I never thought of you all as a guinea pig for my project. It was fun developing something useful thou. So, thank you. happy