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Sucker Punch

27 Oct

A sucker punch is a blow made without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. It is usually delivered from close range or from behind. A sucker punch thrown outside of the rules of boxing is illegal. For example, when James Butler knocked Richard Grant unconscious after losing a fight to him on points, his licence was suspended. Because sucker punches come unexpectedly, people at risk of such blows must be alert to the proximity of potential opponents.

The sucker punch is a common street fighting technique. Experts may feign fear or friendliness to put their opponent off guard or approach him from the side or rear to deliver a surprise blow. To guard against this, fighters may place their backs against a wall or issue an ultimatum against any close approach. In Australia and New Zealand a sucker punch is known to carry the added connotation that the blow is, as a rule, pre-empting a fight, and intended to cause as much damage as possible and is usually aimed at a weak point such as the groin, kidneys or stomach.

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06 Oct

People say, religion is important, faith is important. I’ve been questioning both of them for several years now, not because I think they’re bad, but because I think they are not good enough. I don’t believe such thing which could withstand the rapid movement of civilization without evolving. I think, even religion needs to evolve.

My general thought is, religions which has been taught to billions of people since thousands of years ago need to be modified in it’s superficial area, perhaps without the need to change the essence. I believe that, the most important thing about religion is their essence, everything else is secondary, an artificial approach, a set of rules made for guiding people to grasp the essence of it, which most people today seems to forgot.

Non-Theism is not about religion, community nor authority. It’s about building an advanced consciousness in oneself, consciousness which able to comprehend everything including one ego. To see everything as it is without judging it. I’ve been stressed out and maybe got a little bit insane trying to sort it out. But now, I think I understand or at least I know what I’m looking for and where I should start looking.

Hell is not as terrifying as it used to be. Just like a boy who always shout “wolf”, the more they use hell to frighten people to be more religious, the more people stop caring.

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