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PES Patch – Tim Nasional Indonesia

13 Dec

PES 2011, ok, saya udah nyari kesana kemari buat patch timnas Indonesia akhirnya nemu juga. Patch-nya bisa di-download disini. Cara install gampang, tinggal copy directory “save” ke Document -> User -> Konami -> save. Lalu copy 2 file .img ke directory Program Files -> Konami -> PES 2011 -> kitserver ->img.


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09 Dec

When you adhere one religion while constantly and consciously denying (attacking) other religions, you are an infidel. If you have become an infidel, you are not different with an atheist, since they also deny your religion and even deny your God (gods, goddesses). I don’t usually give so much attention to anyone’s faith. But if your faith is giving you reasons to flame other people’s faith. That’s just annoying.

What I’m trying to say is (influenced by Muhammad The Prophet words). Only you who feels like you are the most holy person without sin may flame other people’s faith. Otherwise, you can go home, and keep your faith to yourself. Learn to question your own faith before questioning others, because the more you talk and questioning, the more ignorant and low-life you will look like.