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Wrist Injury and My Old Guitar

27 Jul

Was trying to play with my old guitar after a while, and I just realized that my wrist injury on my left hand is more severe than I thought. It was okay to play some basic chords, but when I was trying to get into an advanced chords or playing a complex notes, the pain was killing me.

Yes, I did went to the hospital to check, the doctor said it’s okay. But until now, the pain just won’t go away, it hurts every time I use my left arm to lift a (not so) heavy object, or even when I use it to push the door. Sometimes I needed to take a painkiller just to be able to do normal stuff and suppress the pain.

Well, I probably need to go to the hospital to check. Let just hope I won’t have to deal with those stupid doctors who often misdiagnose and turn out to be unhelpful.



27 Jul

Suatu hari, salah satu teman saya di kantor, melontarkan kritikan pada saya karena saya men-download software dan film dari internet (for the record, saya tidak merasa bangga dengan hal ini). Dia bilang seperti ini “download itu kan pembajakan, kasian orang-orang yang udah cape-cape bikin software dan bikin film”. Saya langsung merasa bersalah, memang, saya tau efek buruk dari pembajakan, bukan berarti saya orang yang sangat mendukung freeware dan open-source bisa seenaknya membajak hasil karya orang lain, ya saya akui itu.

Tapi, kemudian saya tanya balik ke dia, “itu semua lagu-lagu yang ada di notebook dan iPod elu semua original? beli langsung dari iTunes store atau DVD aslinya?” ya, dia mungkin sadar maksud saya dan dengan sedikit malu-malu melemparkan justifikasi seperti ini “ngga beli, download juga dari internet, tapi kalo lagu kan murah, ga begitu mahal seperti film atau software” (aha! ternyata bukan hanya saya pembajak disini).

Mendengar justifikasi seperti itu saya lalu bilang “ya, lagu emang lebih murah dari film atau software. Itu ngejadiin elu maling ayam, dan gw Gayus Tambunan. Gw mencuri (membajak) lebih banyak dari yang elu curi, tapi kita sama-sama pencuri”.

Inti dari cerita ini, apa yang ingin saya sampaikan adalah, pembajakan itu buruk, kita harus bisa memulai untuk menghentikan kegiatan biadab ini, mulai dari diri sendiri (ya! mulai dari diri sendiri!). Saya sering di-kritik masalah pembajakan oleh orang-orang yang suka membajak juga, saya hanya ingin bilang “listen, dummy, I don’t want to hear that from you. Like the wise man once said,¬†Let Him Who Is¬†Without Sin Cast the First Stone”.

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Finally Google+

01 Jul

Just got my Google+ account activated today, my first impression? “This is gonna be cool”. Looks like Google is taking this social media war seriously. Yep, I’m not one of the Google fanatics, but for me (or everyone as geek as me), Google+ is definitely exciting.

Yes, I do have a Facebook account. Is Google+ better than Facebook? that is hell of a question, to measure quality, first you will need to convert the value into numbers. This values could be anything, for example, what do you want to compare? technology? UI design? popularity? or what?.

So, if you are trying or even worse “stating” that Facebook is better than Google+ or vice versa, you’ll have to write hell of a thick book to compare every aspect and sum them all into conclusion. I’ve been an IT system engineer (and consultant) for almost 9 years and I still don’t think I could do that.

So anyone who said Facebook is better than Google+ is either a genius IT guru or a fanatic idiot who thinks Justin Bieber is a prophet. Well honestly, I bet the later fits more.


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