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Everybody Lies

14 May

Yes, just like Doctor Gregory House always said. If you think that this statement is somewhat provoking and belittle the faith in humanity, it’s your choice but how naive can you be?

Today I asked one of my workmate who I know for sure has been using the main office network to access websites which are not related to work, well I admit the firewall is not secure enough, but do I have to build a pentagon level firewall just to secure an office with 20 employees? Guys please, we all know our bandwidth is limited, also, don’t we have a spare connection for all those things? I don’t care if you chat, hang out on facebook or even browse for porn websites all day as long as you use the spare connection. Don’t disrupt the main connection, many people use it to work for damn sake.

Well, anyway, I after I found out I asked the guy. “Hey, have you been using the main internet connection for non-work activity?” he confidently replied “No”, well, I know the truth from the server log so I’m more confident and said “really?”. Just after I asked him the second time he admitted it.

At first, I thought, oh, okay.. but few minutes later I realize, it is intriguing, to see how religious people like him lied, how religious he is? I’ll say, very religious, he will rush whenever pray time, always go to the mosque on friday, and always speak based on his religion belief.

I was wondering about the reason, why would he lied like that, even if he told me the truth at the first place, there is no consequence. So I was thinking, this guy lied just to get away from this tiny mistake, if he dare to lie just to cover a mistake with no consequence, he will surely lie to get away from bigger mistakes to avoid punishment don’t you think?

You are not worthy to be called religious until your faith has been tested and passed. And looking at today’s experience, buddy, your faith has failed on one menial test.

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